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PURPOSE of RING 16 ...

To provide a brotherhood of individuals with a common interest in magic.

RING 16 is a small part of an even bigger organization, the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Many well known magicians have been members of this and other magic organizations. The International Brotherhood of Magicians began in 1922. You must become a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians to be eligible to become a member of RING 16. 

The RING provides a meeting place for individuals with an interest in magic. This is a broad classification that covers a large range of magical activities ranging from stage magic to close-up and collecting. Magic being an art which requires deception of the general public is best served by limiting its exposure. This creates a dilemma for the group, as we encourage people to enter our art form we simultaneously are initially somewhat reserved in letting out the secrets to individuals who are casually involved. The ring has addressed this dilemma by permitting an individual may attend three meetings before performing for the ring and becoming a member. If you are a first time visitor seek out one of the officers at the beginning of the meeting so we can introduce you to the members and help you become a part of our club.

Foster the improvement of magical presentation skills among its members.

Almost every ring meeting provides all members an opportunity to perform. This is an excellent occasion to try out a new effect and receive a helpful critique of your performance. We learn by practice at home and in front of mirrors and video cameras but it often takes a live audience to truly test out a new effect. At a club meeting you can do this in a safe environment where an accidental slip does not disclose the effect to the general public. Once you have performed an effect in a public venue it is often easier the second time. In addition, the club provides a place to learn from others who have mastered a technique. These individuals can provide you with helpful advice and guidance so you can learn from their experience. Finally, the club has instituted an advancement program that to help you in your development of magical techniques. This program is designed to foster your knowledge in eight different areas of magic

Provide a presentation forum for members to practice their craft.

Magic is fun! Those of us involved in magic like to perform but we also like to watch. The club gives you a built in place to perform your art and bring enjoyment to others involved in magic. In addition, the club attempts to host at least one magic performance in conjunction with a charity group each year. Members can audition for spots on the program and are encouraged to help behind the scenes.

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