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Mastery Awards

In order to recognize significant achievements in skill and performance, the Society of Memphis Magicians awards mastery levels. These awards are far from trivial and can require years of practice to achieve. Achieving such mastery is truly an accomplishment.

Upon achieving his/her first mastery, the performer is awarded a wand with the appropriate (mock) stone embedded. Other stones will be set in the wand as the performer achieves additional masteries. The different masteries and their accompanying stones are as follows.

Click on the category to see the requirements

                                                                                        Cards - Ruby

                                                                                        Coins - Diamond

                                                                                        Linking Rings - Emerald

                                                                                        Mentalism - Garnet

                                                                                        Cups and Balls - Topaz

                                                                                        Rope - Amethyst

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